Between 9am to 6pm – Monday - Saturday


Your home, your office, your hotel - you name it!


Before the Arrival:
We love kids and we love pets!
Feel free to have your kiddos around during service or your laptop to get some work done or clear your space for you time, whatever makes you happy. We just need a surface and an outlet nearby to set up our products and tools.

Hair Prep:
We will ship you a 2oz Clarifying shampoo to prep your hair for the day of service. Make sure your hair is shampooed clean, no conditioner, no other hair products, and 100% dry prior to your stylist arrival. Your keratin specialist will provide you a thorough consultation and recommend the best treatment for your hair type and hair goals.

What to expect during service:
This is where the magic happens!
We are an environmentally conscious company; we pride ourselves on safety first. Your Keratin Specialist will set up a portable air purifier and fan before service begins to maintain a comfortable service experience. You will be provided a set of gloves, mask and protected eye wear. Our keratin specialist will disinfect all tools and surfaces prior to service.